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What Is WAVI?

WAVi is an FDA approved, all-in-one, portable brain measurement platform which provides objective information about brain function. The WAVi system uses well-established evoked EEG technology to record electrical signatures of the brain, providing your doctor and you with actionable, data-driven reports.
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EEG allows for the measurement of brain wave patterns.

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Heart rate variability provides measurements of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

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Auditory ERP

Auditory ERP provides measures of cognitive response.

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Trail Making

Trail making provides a measure of visual control and task switching.

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Data Sharing

WAVi collaborative data sharing creates a community working together to improve the brain.

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Customizable Reporting

WAVi Research Reports can fit the needs of any practice or program interested in the brain.

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The patented WAVi headset was developed over 10 years and refined by MOMO design using Crocs-like material.

They are comfortable, portable, and extremely user friendly. The corresponding WAVi software interprets the data acquired by the headset, distilling the information into actionable insights and meaningful reports.

WAVi reports can be read and understood by both clinician and patient. The WAVi system renders an in-depth and customized report that can be used for either establishing a baseline or tracking progress.

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Cognitive Evaluation

WAVi's multi-faceted interface is ideal for tracking brain state changes


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Cognitive Resources

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Autonomic Nervous System

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  • Electroencephalography, or EEG, is the process of measuring the brain’s electrical activity through the scalp.
  • The different frequencies of brain waves (alpha, beta, theta, delta) and their amplitudes are assessed.


Evoked Response Potential

  • AVi utilizes event-related potentials, or ERPs, to make temporally accurate measurements of brain performance and reactiveness.
  • ERPs are well researched markers and provide easy to interpret metrics that are invaluable to health practitioners interested in brain performance. Our platform features both auditory and visual ERPs.


Heart Rate Variability

  • Heart rate variability, or HRV, is an effective method for measuring the autonomic nervous system.
  • Differences between WAVi’s Baseline HRC and HRC Tracking protocols correlate with cardiovascular adaptability.
  • Cardiovascular adaptability and fitness can help manage stress and anxiety.
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How can WAVi be used in a clinical setting?

The WAVi technology can be utilized to measure brain performance and efficiency in real-time. It is extremely useful for post injury assessment, return to work/sports, and detection of neurodegenerative diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Many corporations have utilized WAVi technology for hiring screening and corporate wellness programs.
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WAVi can be utilized to take a proactive approach in working to both validate and explore the impacts of various exploratory interventions on brain performance. A WAVi scan allows us to assess a wide range of EEG/ERP measures that are known to correlate with brain related conditions, providing objective information on a person’s brain function throughout their protocols. With well-established markers of brain function, WAVi allows us to quantify and explore the effects of various interventions.


Objectively measuring the brain performance of athletes with WAVi throughout their training and competitive seasons can be extremely useful in the circumstance of injury, recovery and return to play. Amateur and professional athletes can use WAVi to establish baseline brain performance measures. This is important to track over time and to help determine what interventions and training programs are having an optimizing effect on performance. WAVi technology is useful in decision making protocols when it comes to concussion assessment and recovery. Insight can be gained to analyze whether neurological function has improved to a point that an athlete can safely return to competition. WAVi technology is on the cutting edge in the studies to detect the early signs of CTE, and science-based solutions for avoidance of the condition.


WAVi makes it possible for Biohackers who are focused on improving health, performance and wellbeing to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Dave Asprey is an American entrepreneur, author and pioneer of the biohacking movement. In episode #867 of Asprey’s “Bulletproof Radio”, he talks with WAVi founder and CEO, Dr. David Oakley, about how measuring brain function leads to performance upgrades.


Executives are increasingly recognizing the importance of developing and supporting corporate wellness within their organizations. WAVi makes it possible to easily measure and monitor cognitive function portably, allowing executives to objectively track improvements to bring their employees closer to peak performance. If you are interested in exploring WAVi as part of your corporate wellness program, please contact our office for details.

"To the executive, brain function is perhaps one of the most important variables... WAVi is an incredible innovation in the space."

There are truly no boundaries for brain care, and everyone from people with brain injuries (concussions), neurodegenerative diseases, workforce biohackers, athletes and elite researchers can all benefit from access to technology like WAVi. WAVi technology has been tested and integrated into athletic assessments at college and professional sport levels and is a leading technology in the measurement of brain function before or after injury. It has also become an integral and subjective tool in “return to performance” assessment in every level of sports. We offer affordable assessment and full integration of WAVi technology into any sports program that wants real-time, measurable, and scientifically based data on brain function and recovery in order to measure improvement post-concussion. Please contact our office if you would like to integrate this technology into your sports program. Contact Now

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