Genetic Testing

A specific roadmap for your health

Are you interested in improving your health and
longevity? By understanding your genetics, you can gain
valuable insights into your genetic makeup and discover
proactive steps you can take to improve your health and
longevity. We encourage our patients to take advantage
of our professional DNA testing.

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Professional DNA testing is conducted and interpreted by our clinic exclusively. We are the only clinic in Northern Michigan trained to offer this service. Testing is performed at a secure US based facility to ensure your private information stays private. Your information will never be shared or sold. Your protected health information will ONLY be available to our clinic, and you will not be added to any national database. The lab uses advanced equipment and techniques to ensure accuracy and the analysis is based on over 800 studies, to develop actionable recommendations. This is a level 4 or 5 genetic analysis, which is the same standard used by the FBI and CIA. In contrast, such sites as and implement the lowest level of analysis. If you are looking to find out if you’re related to George Washington, this is not the test for you.

This DNA test covers a wide range of areas including digestion, hormones, energy, inflammation, stress, detoxification, as
well as memory, alertness, and athletic performance. By identifying potential health risks and practical action steps you can
be proactive in achieving better overall health.

What the test covers

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  • A DNA test swab in-office or at home.
  • A consultation with the doctor (in person, phone or Zoom), who will interpret your results and work with you to develop an
    action plan.
  • A 200+ page report with a wealth of information that can be referred to throughout your life to address current and future
    health concerns.
  • A 4-6 page custom condensed report.
  • A personalized grocery shopping/dietary guide based on your genetic needs, to promote weight loss as well as overall health. Finally, you can skip fad diets, and focus on the foods your body really needs.
  • Specific exercise recommendations to help maximizer your genetic potential.
  • A list of blood tests, based on your genetic predispositions, for you to monitor your health.

A DNA Comprehensive Health Test is a one-time investment that can provide a lifetime of benefits. Don’t wait any longer, get started today!

Please contact our office, we’d be happy to answer questions and/or provide you with a test kit.